Bobby Keith’s 2015 Ballard pregame speech

Yesterday I posted the second of two pregame speeches that Bobby Keith gave to the 2015/2016 Clay County Tigers. That one was from before the regional championship game against South Laurel. I wanted to post the other one today. This is the raw audio from before the Tigers’ game against Louisville’s Ballard High School in the 2015 Bobby Keith Classic. You will hear Coach Marcum first, followed by Coach Keith. Coach Keith’s Tigers split the 1987 and 1988 state championship games with the Bruins, Clay County claiming the former and Ballard taking the latter. I will post Coach Marcum’s emotional postgame speech later, but even before the game you can hear in his voice how badly he wanted to earn a win for his former coach against his former rival in the game bearing his name. You will hear Marcum mention that Keith’s lung capacity had decreased to just 20 percent by that time.

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